MYSTERIOUS GOLD EDITION Feat. Detective Tuesday & Yusef Kelliebrew

by Rukunetsu,Detective Tuesday



Totally out of the blue Zelda collab between DT, Yusef Kellieblew and PR. Hope you enjoy it as much as I do.


Rukunetsu and DT! Who said we don't think up heat?
It's always somethin' sharp spinnin' when we link up, B. HAA!

We drop bombs and break through walls.
They wanna be heroes overnight like 7 years takes too long, but:
That's what it is though. Been known since them Nintendos
to be a master it's a quest. I can't quit, no.
For the kids yo. Tryna make this land a better place
I know a better man'll see his surroundings reflect his changes.
Courageous goin' in. Wisdom and power come.
Don't try forcin' it do right. Evil towers'll crumble.

So what you up to?
Need to think what's good, 'cause what's bad gettin' cut through.
Can't be untrue, lenses'll catch that.
Gotta give more than a piece of your heart to this game where rappers half-ass
just for some money. Y'all could get some of that cuttin' grass,
not your integrity in half. Nah, doubled that on my path out.
From bein' weak at first but so was everyone in fact
so if I stayed with it I knew that'd put me above the pack. Now:
Pack a punch. Hold the weight with the gauntlet then drop it.
In the right place in time it's a puzzle I'm solvin'.
Put it together with my kin stoned. We got this.
The high rule. New Jersey to the Bahamas.
That which was fly got em hoppin' when we rocked.
Feather quill wrote the word, hawk eye took the shot focused.
Burnin' arrow: Fire on point fly.
Hit a bul's third eye, precise how we inspire minds.

Curin' ills. The flow water of life.
Only thing that could save me when I thought I had lost that fight.
No spirit out the bottle was enough to bring me back
but I noticed the sun rose again when I played the wind through the axe.
No requiem for the spirit yet, I get it in from here to death.
Trained spirit for this track and all we engineer ahead of this time,
through the ages and whatever the weather.
Everybody'll have their story to tell, well I'm tryna make this epic.

Sounds like a legend.
Baby I'm feelin' high. Point my blade to the sky, word from the ground to the heavens.
I'll be out in a second.
Baby I'm feelin' high. Point my blade to the sky word from the ground to the heavens. Check it:

I know the magic that's music could save the land.
Kick it hard like iron. It's deep when I take a stand
in that flow, they could try but no one could slay me fam.
Worst enemy myself, I even got me sayin "man that's too much to handle".
Still hold a lantern through the dark.
Too far to quit. Stopped carin' if the game is too hard...
I'ma win. The sails caught wind.
Ready to drop a symphony when that baton lift. Wake up!
Out the dream a new begginin'.
Been spittin' on the low seven years, now know a dude not kiddin' I'm in this!
Doin' it big, you can't diminish. Put a cap on that mission,
can't stop the mental master sword from spinnin'.
Lord my witness. I never really go alone.
Y'all gotta take this. My lyrical arsenal overflowin'.
Rukunetsu and DT, game golden.
Feelin' good baby save the potion!
I'm zonin'
...just as I'm floatin' through the ocean:
...You know what it is...
Yusef on them drums goin' in...
Project R the dopest...
Bout to grab a sax and start blowin'.

And that's the Gold Edition.


released May 2, 2016



all rights reserved


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